Every application has its own unique design requirements. Selecting the correct type of damper or expansion joint, as well as the correct orientation and location is essential for allowing your system to meet these requirements. Fox Equipment’s engineers specialize in process gas control and isolation as well as duct movements. Allowing our engineers to help locate and specify the dampers and expansion joints in your application will reduce the cost impact of this equipment and increase the functionality of the overall system.

SCR – Selective Catalytic Reduction (NOx Reduction)
The mandated requirements of NOx reduction have brought many new issues to the Utility market. Never has there been a more demanding application for dampers. The combination of gas temperatures over 800 degrees Fahrenheit, fly ash accumulation, and the overall size of the ductwork makes this application unique. Fox Equipment caters to all of these requirements with proven designs and equipment. Fox Equipment also has the capability to incorporate one of the expansion joint flanges into the adjacent damper. This allows the expansion joint to be mounted to the damper in the shop ensuring proper bolt hole alignment, and eliminating the separate installation of both pieces in the field.

Equipment Used in SCR Applications:
Louvers, Guillotines, Diverters and Non-Metallic Expansion Joints

FGD – Flue Gas Desulphurization (SO2 Reduction) 
The mandated requirements of SO2 reduction have forced power plants to install scrubber systems to comply with these regulations. The use of exotic metals in this application makes it imperative to select the most cost effective placement and style of dampers and expansion joints. Fox Equipment caters to all of these requirements with proven designs and equipment. Our engineering staff has designed dampers and expansion joints for the FGD market since the 1980’s, and is able to supply information required for placement of this equipment.

Equipment Used in FGD Applications:
Louvers, Guillotines, Stacks and Non-Metallic Expansion Joints

HRSG – Heat Recovery Steam Generation
Fox Equipment’s engineers have been designing HRSG dampers and expansion joints since the 1970’s. Gas turbine exhaust systems provide their own challenges, including gas temperatures that can exceed 1300 degrees Fahrenheit and high duct velocities. Fox Equipment’s Belts and Suspenders approach is a must in this application.

Equipment Used in HRSG Applications:
Louvers, Guillotines, Diverters, Stack Isolation Dampers,
Stacks, and Non-Metallic Expansion Joints

Fan Dampers
Fox Equipment supplies a complete array of fan dampers. This includes DWDI (Double Wide Double Inlet) parallel louvers used for pre-spin, as well as outlet louver dampers used for control. Expansion joints can also be provided for the inlet and/or outlet of the fan. We also supply a heavy duty radial vane dampers that can be utilized for a standard or conical inlet.

Equipment Used in Fan Applications:
Louvers, Guillotines, Radial Vanes and Non-Metallic Expansion Joints