Stack Lighting

Stack Lighting

An owner proposing  construction or alteration of a structure that may affect the National Airspace System (NAS) is required under the provisions of 14 Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR part 77) to notify the FAA by completing the Notice of Proposed Construction or Alteration form (FAA Form 7460-1). The form should be sent to the FAA Regional Air Traffic Division office having jurisdiction over the area where the planned construction or alteration would be located. Copies of FAA Form 7460-1 may be obtained from any FAA Regional Air Traffic Division office, Airports District Office or the FAA Website at*.  FAA regional offices are located in Anchorage, Kansas City, New York, Chicago, Boston, Seattle, Atlanta, Fort Worth and Los Angeles.

Generally, an owner only needs to contact the FAA if the proposed construction or alteration exceeds 200 feet in height above the ground level at its site or if it is within approximately four miles of the end of an active runway. FAA Advisory Circular AC 70/7460 details the general guidelines for obstruction marking and lighting.

We recommend selecting lighting systems such that no FAA marking or mid level lighting is required. The following general guidelines apply to most steel stack applications.

Height Range

Lighting Required

Below 150′

Use three (3) Steady Burning Dual L-810 Obstruction Lights Within Twenty Feet Of The Top Of The Stack

151′ – 200′

Use three (3) Flashing L-864 Red Beacons Within Twenty Feet Of The Top Of The Stack

201′ – 350′

Use three (3) Flashing L-865 Medium Intensity White Beacons Within Twenty Feet Of The Top Of The Stack

  • Medium Intensity lighting is not recommended to be installed below 200 feet above grade.
  • Dual L-864/865 medium intensity strobe beacons are required in populated areas where the use of white strobe beacons at night causes significant environmental concerns.

* U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Aviation Administration Advisory Circular AC 70/7460-1K, Effective March 1, 2000, p 1

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