Radial Vane / VIV / IVC Dampers

Radial Vane Dampers

Radial vane dampers, also called Variable Inlet Vane dampers or Inlet Vain Control dampers are most commonly associated with fans handling flue gases. They provide additional flow control for fan inlets. Radial Vanes also installed as an energy efficiency fan accessory by providing pre-spin of the air into the fan. Starting the fan while the damper is in the closed position allows for a low horsepower startup. Fox Equipment supplies all radial vane dampers with a cantilevered blade design complete with two external bearings thus eliminating the need for blade support and bearings in the gas stream. Fox Equipment also has a cantilevered conical design for FD fan applications. Each damper is custom designed to fit directly to a specific fan manufacturer’s inlet.

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