Stack Design Engineering/Consulting

Fox Equipment designs stacks and ducts that are optimized for price and performance. Our clients have realized reductions in structure weight and cost of up to 40% over competing design methods. Our lighter, less costly designs meet all code and project requirements.

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Advanced Software Solutions

Fox Equipment uses the following advanced computer techniques to provide numerical solutions to complicated projects. All of these products are used concurrently to facilitate design optimization by calculating “what if” scenarios.

Fox Equipment’s custom Stack Super Program is used to design, evaluate, size and price steel and fiberglass stacks.

RISA 3D is a numerical design package for simple finite element design problems. Simple pre and post processing routines make Risa 3D perfect for small budget projects. AutoCad can be used to input the problem geometry.

STAAD is a full feature finite element program widely used by structural engineers in a variety of applications. STAAD is selected for pure structural engineering problems consisting of large systems of nodes and elements.

ANSYS is a robust, full featured finite element program which has become the standard in the power generation industry. ANSYSallows the analysis of complex problems faced in power generation like transient thermal analysis and computational fluid dynamics.

FLUENT is now a part of the ANSYS computational suite and the predominant computational fluid dynamics tool for calculating systempressure losses, catalyst and silencer pressure losses and turning vane optimization.

Design Only Projects

  • Fiberglass liners for concrete chimneys
  • Multi-million pound duct systems for central generating stations
  • Simple cycle and combined cycle stacks and ducts for LM-6000 and larger combustion turbine service.
  • Design and supply of SCR and CO catalyst casings for combustion turbine service.

Design and Supply Projects

  • Tuned Mass Dampers for new construction as well as retrofits in the power, process and petrochemical industries.
  • Multi-million pound duct system for cement industry
  • Dual wall stack with fiberglass inner liner
  • Numerous single wall stacks constructed of structural and stainless steels in heights to 120 meters.
  • Numerous ducts with internal type 409 stainless steel internal, “fish-scale” lining systems on combustion turbine applications.
  • Stacks and ducts with internal modular and castable refractory linings.
  • Simple cycle and combined cycle stacks and ducts for LM-6000 and larger combustion turbine service.
  • Supply of SCR and CO catalyst casings for combustion turbine service.
  • Design and supply of boiler exhaust stacks with integral stack and economizer support structure straddling the boiler.
  • Spiral wound ductwork for medium duty applications
  • Prefabricated modular ductwork for light duty applications
  • Remotely pneumatic actuated refractory lined stack cap damper
  • Storage silos with diameters to fourteen feet.
  • Dust collectors and scrubbers for specialized applications for certain customers.

Products and Services Packaged by Fox Equipment

  • Air pollution packages including gas dampers, expansion joints, silencers, fans, flow inducers, pumps, explosion vents and dust collectors.
  • Material handling packages including explosion vents, dust collectors, bin dischargers, rotary airlocks, weigh feeders and screw conveyors.
  • Process and instrumentation and design for skid mounted control systems.