Diverter Dampers

Diverter Dampers

Diverter dampers are designed with one inlet and two outlets. The outlets are normally at right angles from each other. This system always allows for an escape route for the flue gas, therefore protecting any upstream equipment from bottlenecking the turbine. Diverters can be supplied in a low leak or zero leak application. They are perfect for clean applications that require low-pressure drop and good isolation. Diverter dampers are available in three configurations: louver, flap style, and Tee.

Typical applications include: Primarily for isolation/bypass applications such as waste heat recovery steam generators (HRSG) on gas turbine systems. These are designed specifically for the harsh and demanding service of these combined cycle systems. With our total product line and design/engineering capabilities, Fox Equipment is a leading provider of the complete Diverter package, including the expansion joints between the Turbine, Exhaust to HRSG and Bypass, Diverter, Bypass and HRSG Stack, Stack Silencers and HRSG Stack Isolation Dampers.


Louver Diverter Dampers

The Louver Diverter is designed to exhaust or divert the high temperature gas from a turbine to the heat recovery system or bypass system. This diverter utilizes Louver dampers on both outlets (exhaust and bypass). This system allows for outstanding flow control efficiency along with quicker response time for the diversion of gas. In the ever growing area of combined heat & power (CHP) systems, the louver diverter damper is becoming the industry choice as an extremely cost effective and efficient exhaust/bypass solution.


Flap Diverter Dampers

The flap is custom engineered to divert high-temperature exhaust gases from a gas turbine to the heat recovery boiler or bypass system. The blade pivots from one end rotating 90 degrees to close off one of the two outlets. The single blade (Flap) diverter damper is designed for improved flow distribution and sealing capability of the system. The Flap diverter damper is designed to accommodate all internal and external loads the application may require. Flap diverters can be designed to for up to 100% sealing efficiency while minimizing heat loss and pressure drop.


Tee Diverter Dampers

T-Diverter dampers are commonly used when an application requires diversion of gas to flow another direction. The individual dampers are typically mechanically linked together so when one is open the other is closed. By adding a modulation actuator, this diverter damper will allow diversion and efficient control of flow to either outlet. Tee diverters can extend the capabilities of the butterfly damper design by combining two butterfly dampers into a common tee configuration.


Fox Equipment is one of the leading manufacturers of diverter dampers in the world. Contact us now for more information.

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