Industrial Poppet Dampers


Poppet Dampers


Poppet dampers are ideal for industrial applications that require frequent, quick cycling time and tight shut-off. They are an economical choice for a simple on-off system, providing high reliability and low maintenance over the life of the damper.

Commercial Poppet dampers are used for multi-directional airflow control. They are engineered to control the reverse gas flow, outlet flow, and bypass flow of gases, in turn enhancing filtration, eliminating gas starving and reducing system wear. Fox Equipment’s commercial poppet dampers are designed with lock outs in both the open and closed positions for safe maintenance. Typical commercial applications include: Baghouse, incinerators, and Thermal Oxidizer systems.

Fox Equipment is one of the leading manufacturers of industrial poppet dampers in the world. Contact us now for more information.

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